The Best Historical Cities to Visit on Your Mediterranean Cruise

In terms of finding the most relaxing holiday, there is no finer experience than a cruise, boarding a luxurious vessel which will take you to a selection of the most beautiful cities in the world. Cruises allow you to release yourself from the shackles of everyday life, leaving the only thing for you to worry about being what you plan to eat during dinner. The Mediterranean is continuing to grow as a popular cruise destination and, with a fascinating array of areas to explore, it should come as no surprise. Here are just some of the areas you can discover during your cruise:

Alexandria, Egypt

We begin in Egypt in the city named after its namesake, Alexander the Great, after he founded it back in 332 BC. During its lengthy history, the city has been the home to a series of famous faces, including the likes of Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Mark Anthony and Euclid. Today, Alexandria offers a bustling city with an incredibly rich history while still retaining a distinctly Mediterranean feel. If you get the chance to stop here on your cruise, be sure to explore the fascinating historical references the city holds.

Kusadasi, Turkey

Kusadasi is another city steeped in history, playing host to the famed religious city of Ephesus. Originally built in the 11 Century BC, the city is considered one of the finest reconstructed cities. With John the Apostle, the Virgin Mary and Cleopatra just some of those mentioned in the history of the city, it once again promises to be one of the most insightful stops on your Mediterranean cruise. While you’re there, be sure to travel through the Magnesia Gate and discover the beautiful temples, porticoes and fountains still present within Ephesus.

Limassol, Cyprus

Finally, we have Limassol, the second largest city in Cyprus which boasts a historical reference dating right back to the Byzantines. While the city and its surrounds are now more famous for the beautiful wines produced as well as its highly regarded wine festival in September, a visit to Limassol is not complete without discovering its medieval castle, built by the Byzantines in 1000AD. On the same grounds is a chapel made famous for being the rumoured destination of the marriage of Richard the Lionheart in 1991 where he was joined in matrimony with Princess Berengia of Navarre.

There are just three incredible cities you can discover on your cruise. Why not book your cruise holiday today and discover just why the Mediterranean proves so popular year after year.

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